How can I buy something?

Contact a Seller by joining 7 Days Market. Go to  Login/ Register and sign in with your social account or register (if you don’t have a social account). Complete your profile.

This will enable you to contact any seller for the products you are interested.

How can I sell something?

If you have already joined, you can go to Sell and click +Add new product. You can upload more than one picture. We recommend using pictures smaller than 100 kb.

How can I register?

The easiest way to register is to login using your social account. Go to Login/ Register and click on the Facebook icon.

Complete your location details so you can find goods in your region, city or township.

You will automatically stay logged in each time you access 7days-market.com, unless you click on the logout option.

How to change language and currency?

To set your language (English or Myanmar) preference, select the country flag at the top of the page.

To set your currency preference ( USD or MMK), use the language menu to click on Set Currency. Use the USD/MMK hovering button.